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As we continue to plod through the winter months and look forward to the coming of spring here at Jim Butler, many customers have made their final decision and are talking to our first-rate finance department to conclude their New Year’s purchase. Trucks are one of the items that find their way the most rapidly off the lot, and the 2019 Silverado 2500 HD is a three-quarter ton work truck that is available in regular, crew and double-cab configurations featuring both long and standard beds. The staff on duty at offered up a nice piece of blogging work last week outlining the details and specs, and generally praising the trusty and reliable workhorse that is the 2500 HD.


The truck is built on GM’s full-size K2 platform, which is now shared with the GMC Sierra HD. It is available in four trims: Work

Spy shots have always been an element of the automotive game that gets immediately exciting: there is nothing as effective for mounting tension for a new release by the means of spreading spy shots around on YouTube and blogs. All of us here at Jim Butler Chevy of St Louis recognize that it may get a bit tiresome to see cars in camouflage instead of fully uncovered before a new release, but not seeing the entire package is one of those elements of the playbook that any manufacturer can recognize the benefits of.


The Chevrolet heavy-duty pickups that are being spotted in the latest offerings of spy shots offer a pretty good look at the shape and size of the 3500 dually models, and while Chevy has completely pulled all of the wraps and covering off of a few variants of the new HD

Over the past year, Business Insider provided an important article snapshot regarding just how truck-crazy consumers are right now. Pickup trucks and crossover SUVS definitely dominate the American market with the Ford F-Series, our beloved Chevy Silverado, and the Ram Pickup being the top three best-selling vehicles in America during the first half of 2018. Frank Aukofer is the auto writer for, where he hit the nail on the head during the first sentence of a 2019 Chevy Silverado review when he reflected that when you are dealing with the scope of trucks, “it’s all about loyalty.”


There are really six truly full-size pickups in the U.S., and it could be arguable that they all do the same things. They have the ability to carry large loads, tow heavy equipment, and haul the family around in a properly raised-up-off-the-road comfort level. Everyone here


If there is one thing that all of us at Jim Butler Chevy can agree on, it’s that trucks are not supposed to have a gentle aesthetic. The next-generation Chevy Silverado HD trucks are going to sport a grille that has a great function, but looks totally different compared to past versions. The traditional bowtie emblem will be abandoned for a grille that has “Chevrolet” prominently stamped across the front, with the lettering cut in a custom fit to increase airflow. It will be reminiscent of the hollow “flow-tie” that first appeared on the fifth-generation Z28 Camaro, bringing back a favorite in spirit for 2020.


When hauling heavy loads and towing, keeping the engine cool is one of the most important things to keep in mind. The better an engine is able to breathe, the better it will be able to perform, and all


Trucks have really been gaining popularity by leaps and bounds lately: it seems that even when people are coming to visit us here at Jim Butler about adding a sedan to their ranks, their gaze can’t help but wander over to the awesome offerings for next year! Hauling, rigging, digging, or just plain playing in the various elements and locations that trucks thrive in are best accomplished with a brand-new model, and the 2019 Chevy Silverado 1500 will be offered with an all-new, technologically advanced 2.7-L Turbo. Standard on LT and RST trims, the new engine delivers an SAE-certified 310 horsepower, and 348 lb-ft of torque, a 22 percent increase than the 4.3-L V-6 it replaces.


The next-year’s model with the 2.7L turbo delivers 0-60 mph performance in less than seven seconds, and had dropped 380 lbs total of weight. Chief engineer Tom Sutter

During any hard day on the job or recreational visit to the closest camping area, trailering features are definitely on the top of the wish list for any new truck. The all-new 2019 Silverado 1500 will introduce several levels of towing features to improve customers’ overall trailering experiences, as all light-duty Silverado models will now have the myChevrolet trailering phone app capability, and customers can add the Advanced Trailering System, with access from inside the vehicle as an attractive option. All of us here at Jim Butler Chevy of St Louis is also excited about the new Trailering Camera Package: it works in conjunction with both of these technologies to ultimately provide a detailed and comprehensive trailer view.


There is also now an industry-first trailering label for the Silverado, which aid [...]

As spring brings about the most beautiful weeks of the year, later sunsets, fresh flowers, and many outdoor activities are on tap for St. Louis area residents. Jim Butler customers that are now on the hunt for their ideal truck will no doubt have a few questions about the varieties of trim levels now available to them. Next Year’s Silverado offers 8 different trims, paired up with six different transmission and engine combinations. You may have a very large family that is always on the go, or be a brand new business owner: either way, you’ll be able to pinpoint the trim level that is ideal for you, and that will meet your needs for longevity, A-list tech features, and long-lasting performance. These 5.2-liter and 6.2-liter engines have all seen major upgrades, and over half of these new models will be equipped with some of the

Over the past week, highlighted the many different features that the 2018 Silverado has to offer, and documented the segment of its very rich history. The very first pickup from the Chevy brand debuted back in 1918, and professional curator Leslie Kendall of Los Angeles’s Petersen Automotive museum claimed last week that the differences between past and present models were “night and day”. During the month of March here at Jim Butler Chevy in St Louis, we have all been remembering a very important date in our brand’s history: it was one hundred years ago this January that the 490 Light Model was first introduced.

It was basically a stripped-out passenger car of sorts, that replaced its body with a pickup bed, and added stronger springs. This helped it be able to cart crops around, and this ability was what it was well-known for

Truck Month is back at Jim Butler Chevrolet! Recently, Chevrolet released a new video campaign that highlights the strength and durability of the Silverado’s roll-formed, high strength steel bed.

Sandor Piszar, Chevrolet truck marketing director, speaks to the advantages of the Silverado, saying that the “Silverado features a roll-formed, high-strength steel bed because truck customers demand the ability to haul their toys, tools, and other cargo. These videos demonstrate the real-world benefits of the Silverado’s bed, in both extreme and everyday scenarios.”

The Silverado certainly proves its worth when compared to similar models like the 2016 Ford F-150. The tests were done without bed-liners. In cases where the Silverado’s bed held up to 90 joules of impact energy against a 17 pound object, the Ford’s aluminum bed broke at just 40.

For a similar strength test, 825 pounds of landscaping blocks were dropped into truck beds of both

Inviting interior has plenty of space, and the high-strength steel gives the Silverado HD high-strength durability

The Silverado HD line-up at Jim Butler Chevrolet in St. Louis sets itself apart from the rest of the segment. One of the best words to describe the 2016 Silverado 2500 is grit. This grit partnered with the high-strength steel makes the trucks from St. Louis’ No. 1 Silverado dealer the most dependable, longest-lasting trucks on the road.

JBC-2016 Silverado 2500 Towing SpecsThese pickup trucks are the best tool for the job. Whether you select the Duramax turbo diesel V8 or the classic and standard Vortec 6.0-liter V8, you’re Silverado 2500 will be the best tool of the trade. With a max payload of 3,534 pounds (gas engine) and towing up to 18,000 pounds (diesel engine), very little will stand in your way.

Exterior accessories that go to work for

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