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2020 Chevy Silverado Durable Detail Watch: HD Due For Brand-new Grille


If there is one thing that all of us at Jim Butler Chevy can agree on, it’s that trucks are not supposed to have a gentle aesthetic. The next-generation Chevy Silverado HD trucks are going to sport a grille that has a great function, but looks totally different compared to past versions. The traditional bowtie emblem will be abandoned for a grille that has “Chevrolet” prominently stamped across the front, with the lettering cut in a custom fit to increase airflow. It will be reminiscent of the hollow “flow-tie” that first appeared on the fifth-generation Z28 Camaro, bringing back a favorite in spirit for 2020.


When hauling heavy loads and towing, keeping the engine cool is one of the most important things to keep in mind. The better an engine is able to breathe, the better it will be able to perform, and all of those spaces in between the letters are bound to let a bit more air flow than a single bowtie. It was recently stated on the Jalopnik blog that engineers will soon begin on-road testing soon, to assure that the truck will be every bit as durable as it needs to be.


We were proud this year to introduce the 2019 Silverado 1500 in January, and the Silverado 4500HD, 5500HD, and 6500HD chassis-cab models this March. With this completely new and expanded range of Silverado models on the horizon, there should be even more buyers in showrooms like ours right here at Jim Butler Chevrolet, and we are sure that many more will turn to our rugged and durable fleet of various trucks suited for any job. On this specific new line, the design promises to be bolder, and this will immediately make the models stand out immensely from others.


The first production models of this 2020 Silverado HD are scheduled to roll off the Flint, Michigan assembly lines during the third quarter of next year. When the new Silverado HD models go on sale next year, they will definitely face stiff competition from the Ford F-250, and F-350 Super Duty, as well as the new generation of Ram 2500 and 3500 Heavy Duty trucks. The current generation of Silverado HD models derive power from a 6.0-liter VORTEC V-8, with 360 horsepower and 380 lb-ft of torque, a 6.6-liter DURAMAX diesel V-8 with 445 hp, and 910 lb-ft torque. One prototype that was spotted this year was towing a type of large gooseneck flat-bed trailer that usually weighs around 8,000 pounds: we are extremely excited about the arrival of this capable powerhouse, and will keep our readers updated as we learn more about the coming of the heavy-and-honorable HD!

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